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Spring is on its way and with it comes a sense of hope and newness as we begin to see the first blossom and bulbs come to life, adding a splash of colour to our dreary days. The season begins with a celebration of motherhood, honouring those who give birth to and raise the next generation. Mother's day may look a little different this year but the message of "Thanks" remains the same.
An Ionna Marie Designs website exclusive! Finally delving into the world of decorative crockery Ionna Marie Designs brings you our first capsule collection of fine bone china homeware for the hot beverage connoisseur. These chic and stylish designs are the perfect present for family and friends to enjoy a warm and refreshing cuppa.
I'll be having hot chocolate in mine this winter.
Stripe a Pose! Bone China Mug

Stripe a Pose! Bone China Mug

 This popular collection of yoga themed greeting cards helps bring some positive energy to family, friends and fellow yogis.

Bringing the zen

Whether your intended recipient is gone with the wind fabulous or taking a moment to pause, these fun and thoughtful designs have been a firm favourite for the UK, USA and even as far as Australia!

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