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Window of Serenity Card Image
Azure Wander Greeting Card
Trinidad & Tobago Island Rhythms greetings card.
Happy Birthday Princess Card Image
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Welcome to Ionna Marie Designs!

Come and explore our collection of Afro-chic greeting cards, stationery, gifts and more; choose something special for the beautiful, amazing, exceptional and unique person in your life!

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Island Rhythms Card Image.

A Melody of Colours

Dear wanderers and dreamers, welcome to the new Island Rhythms collection.


In these vibrant cards, you will find more than mere pigments; you will discover a profound significance that resonates with the essence of each island's identity.


For these colors are not arbitrary, but a manifestation of history, triumph, and unity—the threads that form the fabric of Caribbean heritage.

May they inspire you to embrace the melodies of life with grace, dignity, and boundless love.

About Ionna Marie Designs

Since our first day in business, Ionna Marie Designs has been offering customers a great selection of fashion inspired greeting cards and stationery.  My cards and stationery collections feature beautiful Afro-chic illustrations and empowering messages that celebrate Black culture & style. Check it out and start shopping today!

Have a beautiful day pops! Greeting card image.

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What our customers say...

MB, London

"The wedding card was great. Will definitely buy again. Personalised message in card was perfect."

Deb, Bristol

"Fabulous!! First time.biying from this seller. Very impressed! I bought this and another card. Super speedy delivery. Nicely packaged with a thank you note and tissue paper, etc. Highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing more! "

Janet, Dudley

"Stunning! Can't wait to get it framed and hung up. Looks exactly as described, a good quality item. Good secure packaging and quick delivery. Very pleased with this purchase. Five stars!"

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