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Who We Are

Ionna Marie Designs is an Afro-chic greeting card and stationery brand which seeks to broaden the perspective and selection on offer to the greeting card and stationery consumer. With the belief that every individual deserves to be celebrated and the passion to create beautiful and uplifting illustrations that will make your recipient feel seen, appreciated, and empowered.

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How We Got Here

Ionna Marie Designs was established in 2016 by founder and artist Jean, a self-proclaimed stationery addict, and collector of greeting cards. In need of a creative outlet and with the simple desire to share a love of art and design, Jean set about creating figurative illustrations and pattern motifs that could be used on paper and fabric items.

Since the age of 12, Jean's artistic style has always showcased her love of fashion and as her work quickly developed, references to her heritage began to emerge and have remained at the fore of every piece she creates. Jean utilises her background in textiles and fashion design to produce beautiful and unique hand-drawn images brimming character and charm.


She believes that cards are the perfect way to show your loved ones just how much you care. Helping people express themselves with style and sophistication with modern illustrations that can be kept, framed and enjoyed for many years to come. Her goal has been to ensure that her customers have access to the best stationery and greeting cards which celebrates and reflects their culture and heritage while also bringing a sense of joy to a broader audience with her range of stunning illustrations that are both stylish and meaningful.

The Future

Jean maintains a constant desire to showcase the joy of emotional connections in the images she creates. Each hand-drawn illustration which takes inspiration from the everyday, has a distinctive style which continues to evolve with each new collection of designs while continuing to maintain the brands unique artistic style and flair.

It is important that all products are designed and printed in the UK, with careful consideration taken to ensure to produce a quality finished item by sourcing only the best paper stock which are FSC approved. She continues to work sustainably to ensure that her products don't cause unnecessary harm to the planet, using packing that is either recyclable or compostable with the option to go naked and be package free if preferred.

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