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About Us


The Brand

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Ionna Marie Designs is a London-based sustainable greeting card and stationery brand dedicated to creating beautiful and uplifting illustrations brimming with urbanity and wit. Jean's creative approach and broad and varied design style means she works across greeting cards, wrap, art prints, journals and homeware, showcasing the beauty to be found in diversity.

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African Pattern, 70's Supermodel, Battle of Versailles, Warm Muted Tones Collage Color Ins

The Inspiration

Established in 2016 founder and artist Jean (Ionna) responded to a lack of cultural representation in the greeting card market and wanted to address the disparity by creating stylish and diverse illustrations that were relatable, fabulous and brimming with humour and fun.


Taking inspiration from a West Indian household filled with an abundance of pattern, and colour while utilising a life long passion for fashion  and textiles, Jean is able to produce characterful figures that reflect and celebrate ethnicity in a thoughtful and contemporary way!

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The Future

Jean maintains a constant desire to showcase the joy of emotional connections  in the images she creates. Each hand drawn illustration has a distinctive style which continues to evolve with each new collection of designs while continuing to maintain the brands unique artistic style and flair.

All of our products are designed and printed in the UK, with careful consideration taken to ensure that we produce a quality finished item by sourcing only the best boards which are FSC approved. We continue to work sustainably using packing that is either recyclable or compostable with the aim to go naked and be package free in the future.